My name is Chelsea, though I have many nicknames, most people call me Chels. 99% of the time if you see me I am wearing active wear and likely have my hair in a "get it done" bun because #momlife. I will put on my professional disguise for my clients though, they don't need that realness on their wedding day!

I was born in California, spent my early childhood on the Big Island of Hawaii before settling in the little town of Salmo, British Columbia with my mom. Growing up I was not at all what I am now, in fact my mom didn't allow me to even wear makeup..(whoops sorry mom now I'm a makeup artist)! I went though some dark years in both life and in the fashion department but I am proud to have come out where I am, strong, driven, happy and a little bit stylish.

I am a lover of good food, coffee, games, wine, dancing and music. If your in my car, for the most part you will hear me listening to hip hop and 90s/2000s R & B throwbacks. I know all of the words to almost every song I have ever heard, but if you ask me what I ate yesterday, I honestly couldn't tell you. In the sports and games department, I am extremely competitive but would also say I am a good sport, at least I try to be!

I have two beautiful children whom I am obsessed with. I kiss and hug them 1,000,000 times a day and will continue picking my 6 year old son up with a bear hug when he gets home from school until he stops me or I literally cant pick him up anymore. My 3 year old little miss is the other light of my life. She is a bit of dirt, lip gloss and mischief wrapped in a pink bow and I love her to bits all the same.

I am lucky to be the wife to my incredible husband Rob. He is the most patient, supportive partner in life and the smartest cookie in the jar, I guarantee it. In our spare time you can usually find us adventuring as a family, spending time with our friends, building things or binge watching HBO and Netflix series.


Now that you know me on more of a personal level, let's talk more about the job at hand! I am a professionally trained cosmetologist (11 years in the industry), certified makeup artist and brow stylist!

I worked in a few different salons in the beginning of my career focusing on hair styling as most cosmetologists do. I had always loved the styling aspect of hair. As far as makeup, I really didn't get my first glimpse of professional makeup or the idea of being a "makeup artist" till I worked at Merle Norman a few years later. Watching the artist on counter inspired me.

Since the beginning of being a self taught makeup enthusiast, I have been certified as well as became a MAC Cosmetics trained artist (proud MAC Alumni). I ran one of the most saught out bridal teams throughout the Okanagan, Styled By Muah. I have created my own lash line with my best friend Margo, you can check them out at Bombabe Beauty (@bombabebeauty).  I have received training from iluvsarahii, Tamana Roashan, Heather Chapman and continue to try and learn and grow in my craft, I only plan on getting better! 

I pride myself on just doing my best to stay real in this social media world. I think the most important thing to take away from my intro is I like to help people feel like their most beautiful selves, period. Thank you so much for considering me for your event, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask!